2020 That’s not the adventure I was hoping for!


Gosh, this year has definitely started with a BANG for a lot of us and our small businesses. Personally our family has had a few additional curve balls to cope with and we certainly did not expect a virus to take over the world. COVID-19

It’s been declared a National Disaster.

The impact of COVID-19 has been devastating for small businesses of every kind, around the world. South Africa has been hit hard. Our President is tired. But he is Brave & We as a nation can be so proud of the measures he has put in place to protect us all.

The country has been on Lockdown since the 27 March 2020, it was extended till the 30 April 2020 and will slowly be reduced by levels which will be confirmed per each Province.

This is definitely HISTORY in the making!

What it has taught us is that life is so precious and we should not take the things we love for granted. We are all so blessed and have so much.


The power of “social learning”: when people learn from each other and change their behaviour accordingly.—Madhur Anand

And that’s just it-we as a globe are learning from each other. Taking into consideration the delay tactics, the failures, the wins. At times, it’s all just too much but in saying so it’s necessary.

So what can we do to get through our days?

Remember to always be kind to one another – love one another – support everyone, and don’t forget that  you are not alone. 

As and when we will slowly ease back into a new way of life, we as a nation  need to support each other. These Local businesses I believe will feel it the hardest. #SupportLocal

When we as South Africans go back to the shops, and we buy locally made goods, we bring demand back into our economy and we help the economy to slowly recover-said the Minister

Here are a few things that we are currently experiencing that I’m sure will never be forgotten:-

  • We  cannot leave our homes for any reason except for essential shopping or medical reasons.
  • The petrol price is currently R13. 76 this is the cheapest it’s been in a long time.
  • All Schools & Varsity’s has been closed. Teacher and Parents are helping kids to somehow learn this syllabus and take it all in. Emotionally it’s hard!
  • There are Self-distance measures in place such as “Elbow greetings“
  • Tape has been secured on floors at grocery stores to help shoppers distance themselves. At times even trolleys are upside down, used as spacing measures.
  • Rows of people stand outside stores because limited shopper intake is required. There are even chairs for the elderly or sick.
  • Non-essential stores and businesses are closed. Sometimes you can’t even get hold of them on the phone.
  • All sports & sporting events are cancelled including the Olympics and Comrades Marathon.
  • All concerts, tours, festivals, entertainment events are cancelled throughout the world. The entertainment industry is struck hard!
  • Weddings, family celebrations, holiday gatherings cancelled. We zoom meet now.
  • Only 50 people allowed to attend funeral and you need special permission.
  • All Churches are closed. No mass gatherings.
  • You are not allowed to socialize with anyone outside your home.
  • Children’s outdoor playgrounds are closed. Kids remain indoors.
  • You are permitted to wear a mask if you leave your home. There are not enough of these so textile companies as well as small businesses have started to manufacture and distribute these as an essential service.
  • People are  panic buying as a result we have very little toilet paper, baking supplies, disinfectants or hand sanitizers.Most of the  shelves are empty.
  • Government closed the borders and non essential trips.
  • All flights are grounded; locally and internationally.
  • You need Permits to go to work and some companies have setup remotely.
  • The Army and police are in streets to make sure no one is outside. Some of them instead of protecting us were using their power to abuse and kill families.
  • There is no person reading the weather on the news. And often news reporters are broadcasting from home.
  • The Rand depreciates to R18.47 against the dollar.
  • South Africa has income relief funds available if you are working or not working.

Im sure that so much more will be added to this list, it’s definitely a reminder for the future. When we  do look back we must remember the positive side of things, we will have overcome a great deal.

Thank you Mr President.

Thank you Essential Workers for keeping us safe and being available when our world needs you.

Hang in there South Africa, we are in this together.

Be Brave.






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