Feel Energized & Motivated In 2017!

Life is stressful for all of us. With a plate full of priorities, we can start to feel torn in too many directions. Day-to-day life takes a toll – and that’s not even including emergencies and other priorities that may leap out at you!

That’s right, there is a handful of simple things you can do every day, or as necessary, to combat the clamor.

Treat your body better:
We all fall into the trap of neglecting our sleep cycles, meal time, and exercise habits. Being neglectful to your body actually makes you less efficient, leaving you with even less time to function. Jut trust me. Make yourself a fresh, yummy meal tonight and go to bed before the crack or dawn. You might feel differently about the day ahead when you wake up.

Minimize your mental stressors:
We touched on minimizing in our last newsletter, and it really is something you should do. Don’t indulge in unnecessary nasty thoughts. They will only do you harm. Rephrase your “doomsday” thoughts into more hopeful, realistic ones.

Harvest helpers:
Some people make our lives harder, some make it easier and a lot better. We can’t always avoid the latter, but we can certainly spend more time with the latter. Indulge in that time, allow them to enhance your life, and support you.

Time out:
When kids get overwhelmed and all riled up, we give them a time out. They get to sit down, disconnect from what was troubling them, then go on to do what they need to do (be it apologize or clean their room). Isn’t that exactly what we need? No, maybe not to clean our rooms, but have that time out. Excuse yourself; find a private place; cry, scream, or breathe deeply. Take your moment, and then go back into the swing of things. It works.

Be thankful:
Just like minimizing stressful thoughts can reduce your mental taxation, reiterating positive ones does the same. If your day is in the dumps, remind yourself of one thing in your life that is pretty good.

These steps can be a challenge to start, but it is absolutely possible to turn your stress around. The more you do it, the easier it gets.


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