Giving, Taking and Indulging

Building strong, sincere relationships in this day and age can be as difficult as it is necessary. Your business network should consist of people you can rely on for insight, support, and direction. The most important element of successful business relationships – and relationships in general – is the balance between giving and taking.
Be You: 
This is pretty straight forward. However, it isn’t just about being who you are, but accepting others as they are. Find people with whom you feel a natural connection, and communicate easily with about shared values, goals and attitudes. Remember, not everyone is who they present themselves as. Take time to feel out each individual, and develop a sense of trust. 

Be Loyal: 
Let your loyalty be unquestionable – this will go so much further than you think. Let your business contacts know that you “have their back”, to show your loyalty. This also comes into play at networking events, where people may gossip and behave distastefully. If it means stepping in and politely asking them to end those conversations, step in. This is your moral character asserting itself, and demonstrating your values and loyalty.

Be Together: 
All work and no play helps no one in the end. Go out with your contacts and do something fun together. Different activities will bring out different sides of people – be it music, art or community events. Let us not forget the great laughs and and conversations you’ll have together. Remember to indulge in your business relationships, both seriously and jovially, to build them up.

In the end, your time and effort will be reciprocated. The ebb and flow of business relationships needs nurturing. With individuality, loyalty and togetherness, you can rest assured in the longevity of your business relationships.


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