How being a Parent makes me better at Business!

They say being a parent is the best thing that will happen to you; that having children is rewarding and the joy that you have missing your whole life.

As a mom, I can, and do, relate to and agree with these statements. My kids are amazing, and they have made my life a lot more fun, more adventurous and I laugh a lot more with kids than without. Being a mom has made me step out of my insecurities and embrace vulnerability and courage. They have changed me. And they are incredibly rewarding.

Being a business owner and an entrepreneur has been just as rewarding and joy-inducing.

I have had my business for 3 years, and there have been days that I have wanted to jump with elation at the successes, and there have been days where I have wanted to throw in the towel and give it all up. Kind of like raising kids, right?! But I want to let you parent bosses know that being a parent can only make you a better business person.

From my very few years of running my own business, I have learned some valuable lessons:-

The art of multi-tasking
Let’s face it, we know how to multi-task. We can be making bolognaise sauce for dinner, helping kids with homework and scream at the barking dogs all at the same time. This has made us more efficient and more productive in our businesses. We can be performing a task, talking to a prospective client on the phone and making sure we are duly caffeinated.

We have become more empathetic, fair and generous
Having children has changed the way I view people, and I am able to extend much more grace to others.This means that the way I deal with clients means that I am kinder and more gracious toward them. Without losing our immovable resolve, of course.

Ability to see Joy in small things
Children see the lighter side of life all the time. They love to laugh. And it is infectious. Being a mom has taught us to see the joy in small things, and having the ability to see the joy in situations in the workplace is incredibly valuable to relieving pressure, and brings a sense of authenticity to your business.

We are the toughest people alive
Parents are the toughest people. Mom’s have experienced labour. Dad’s have witnessed this miracle.(which can be a traumatic experience) We have endured tantrums, sheer embarrassment, public displays of human excretion and moments where we’ve almost lot the plot. Our characters have been stretched, pulled in all directions and squeezed until there’s almost nothing left. But, what comes out the other end is a diamond, an albeit disheveled, and perhaps misshapen one, but a strong, indestructible rock nonetheless. We are more than prepared to handle running a business ,being an entrepreneur or MOM-preneur!

Every day is a brand new day and the lessons my children teach me only make me a better leader, entrepreneur and mom.

Hope all the MOM-preneur’s had a great Mother’s day and enjoy celebrating the whole month of May!




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