Productivity Tools… Every entrepreneur must have!


Struggling to get focused, energized and tasks done? Let’s get Productive…

As a mom, a wife, an entrepreneur I’m always busy doing stuff… can you relate?

Over the last few years,  I realized I needed to figure out how to be more productive! Not only for my business but myself too…

Just like you, I have to-do lists and notebooks for every single one (thanks to Typo, CNA and all those stationery isles that keep me coming back for more) I found myself spending so much time creating pretty lists, ugly lists, and piles of lists… time wasted and not much getting done!

Things had to change in 2018! So I decided to invest some time and research in great productivity tools and iPhone apps..  oh boy was it such fun! It has literally changed my life, business, and everyday tasks.

If you are ready to get  organized and most of all increase your productivity, check out these amazing apps that I have started to use. They help in more ways than one for business and life!   I call that a #winwin

Productivity App #1 Trello

Getting things done is a process, you are not superman or woman and you do not always need to do absolutely everything! One reason many productivity systems let us down is often that we have too much on our plate. Trello is a tool that allows us to manage our time and projects effectively. I manage all of my tasks and projects with Trello. When I’m on my laptop, I usually use the web version of Trello, but I love that no matter where I am, I always have it on my phone. Even better, Trello can be used completely free, you don’t need the paid version so definitely give try this out!

Productivity App #2 is a music app that promotes focus, relaxation even meditation. This has literally changed my concentration habits,  I am a music lover, of all types and this can be distracting! This app allows you to choose between 5 mental states: focus, meditate, sleep, nap, and relax and plays completely original sounds. Not knowing the tunes has worked like a charm. You can tweak the stream play for 30 minutes, an hour or  indefinitely until you wish to turn it off. Its a paid for service but honestly worth every cent- give it a try!

Productivity App #3 Focus Keeper

Oh, my word, avoid the burnout… Focus Keeper  is so cool! It’s 25 minutes of focused work, followed by a short five-minute break afterward. This app helps you to keep your productivity going and beat procrastination. I use the free version and it honestly has allowed me to set aside allocated time to get stuff done.  The timer ticks away and when stopped- you stop and breathe!

Productivity App #4 Google Drive

The fourth app is Google Drive which is where I store all my files- business & personal. Being able to access, view, upload, and edit documents while on the go is amazing. I open this app every single day and the fact that I can create a document of any kind, wherever I am is amazing. I can make notes and its syncs everywhere.- Hallelujah ! The Google Drive app is completely free, so you can just download it and start using it right away.

Planning is key to productivity!

Productivity is personal and improving it takes time to focus on your daily routines and habits. I hope you get some use out of these great tools, give them a try-honestly you have nothing to lose…

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What are some of your favorite productivity apps?

Leave them in the reply comments below.

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