Need a Reliable Bookkeeper?

The value of bookkeeping is in knowing how your business is performing. And at the end of
the month being able to ask and answer the following questions:

How much do my customers owe me?
Am I making money?
How much money do I need to set aside for tax?

Answering these questions can be overwhelming, and actually sitting and doing the work to
arrive at these answers is daunting, and is best placed in the hands of a professional.
Your small business depends on you for growth. It needs your vision and direction. It’s much
harder to focus on business networking and taking essential growth opportunities when
you are bogged down in paperwork.

Financial clarity begins with regular, robust bookkeeping. And for this reason, outsourcing a
bookkeeper would take your business from one level to the next.
An outsourced bookkeeping service allows you to:

  • pay for the services you need, without spending overhead costs an employee brings to the
  • track your spend
  •  keep consistent records of your monthly spend and income
  • spend more time putting your effort into the areas that you are best at
  •  focus on your business’ financial growth
  • gain specialised and professional skills
  • save you money in the long run
  •  focus your time, attention and resources on your company's core competencies
  • spend your time setting new goals and finding ways to achieve them

So often, small businesses hire a jack of all trades: an administrative assistant-cum-
bookkeeper-cum-office manager. I have seen this often, and it means that you are hiring
someone who is the master of nothing. And in doing so, you are stunting your business’s
growth as you are not getting the best service for each task.

Hiring an unqualified person to manage your bookkeeping function in-house will indirectly
cost you money: if the in-house employee doing your books isn’t dedicating their time to do
this task weekly or monthly, you’re flying blind – something a small business can’t be doing.

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