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Dear Friends

August is one of our favorite months because not only do we get to celebrate Woman in history and woman who are making history BUT we get to celebrate the Present- a milestone month in our business, Our Birthday! Have you seen us on google? We would love for you to leave a review for us- here!

We appreciate you & thank you for being part of our experience, without you we would never have come so far…Today we are 4 years old!

They say four year old’s grow much taller  and continue to get a better handle on gross and fine motor skills. I’d like to think that the same happens in business, every day we are learning and through repetitive tasks we define our core systems and continue to succeed. Hey don’t get us wrong, it does not always go according to plan but with perseverance and learning from the mistakes we might make or dealing with life in itself- We have made it happen!

Thank you for trusting us and helping us grow into a huge success. We have genuinely enjoyed working with you or meeting with you and getting to know you and your amazing business. We care about you and your company and the best part is that  when we work with you we get to feel like we’re really part of your team and not just some outsourced consultant.

So THANK YOU our ShandeeClients, new and old who have helped shape our  business over the last few years and most importantly the people who work  here.

We look forward to growing another year older with you- lets eat cake!

Buying Back Time,

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